The Cianfrocca company was founded in 1961 with road transport as its main activity. Today, Cianfrocca Trasporti has more than 200 vehicles including tractors, tractor units, tautliners, container carriers equipped with roll-offs, tippers, refrigerated trailers and 30′ containers.

In-depth experience in road haulage, knowledge of handling strategies and the use of different vehicles according to the type of goods, enables Cianfrocca Trasporti to offer a safe and efficient service. The company can offer its customers all the advantages of the sector.

What arethe advantages of road transport?

Nationwide and European coverage: road transport is more flexible than air or sea transport, allowing you to reach any destination and deliver your goods exactly where you want them;

  • Long-term planning without intermediaries, for an economic and competitive advantage: road transport allows a great deal of customisation of deliveries, from the most urgent to full loads;
  • Flexibility of service and a timely response to unplanned needs: road transport makes it easy to overcome unforeseen events, thanks to the availability of a large fleet and the professionalism of the staff, who are able to intervene and support in the event of difficulties.


For Cianfrocca Trasporti, safety is invaluable. By complying with the most stringent regulations in force, it has adopted very high safety standards, ensuring the safety not only of all its employees, but also of the goods being transported. In addition:

  • We track all vehicles in the fleet 24 hours a day in real time;
  • We perform real-time document management of loads and unloads;

We equip all transport vehicles with state-of-the-art satellite equipment so that the customer can be constantly informed about the movements up to unloading.

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