Cianfrocca Trasporti is a strategic ally in the automotive sector. The automotive industry, one of the most competitive and advanced in the world, has relocated production to the most diverse places in the world, especially in Asia, making the logistics chain complex and affecting transport costs.

Warehouse stocks have steadily decreased in the industry, changing the management of the supply chain and making the logistics chain a fundamental element: Cianfrocca Trasporti offers an exclusive service to automotive companies, thanks to a door-to-door system that follows the customer from the production plant to the final consignee.


The proposed solutions are specifically designed for the automotive industry:

  • collection and transport of components;
  • optimisation and management of customs operations;
  • design and management of reusable packaging;
  • storage of components and preparation of orders.


The company can provide ample space for automotive goods during peak seasons and for large quantities of cargo: the main objective is to reduce operating costs and risks along the transport chain.