Cianfrocca Trasporti collaborates with the most important international industries in the petrochemical sector: the company offers specific services for bulk and packaged chemicals, also under ADR, the European Agreement for the Road Transport of Dangerous Goods. The chemical goods transport service is coordinated in all its phases, from handling to storage, according to high safety and quality standards, and requires special protocols for all the vehicles used.

The transport of chemicals requires specific rules:

  • Constant traceability of goods, through a careful system of surveillance and monitoring of means of transport;
  • Compliance with anti-contamination protocols to ensure the safety of the vehicle driver and operators during storage and transfer of products;
  • Use of specific packaging formats, customising requests according to customer specifications, from pallets to individual loading units;
  • Receipt and delivery of loose and packaged products;
  • Transfer operations that respect the characteristics of the products and the rules of good practice.