Each transport has two fundamental characteristics: the most suitable means and safe packaging, which guarantees the integrity of the goods. Cianfrocca Trasporti offers all types of packaging, for industrial goods, for precious goods and for smaller and more fragile products, thanks to a vast assortment of materials that protect them during transport.

Each product needs a different packaging, which respects its characteristics and makes shipping safe: Cianfrocca ensures support and advice in this delicate phase of the supply chain, allowing rapid shipments and minimizing the risk of losses.

Wood, folding crates, pallets, pallets, big bags: Cianfrocca has resistant and certified materials that ensure maximum protection in all phases of handling. Cianfrocca Trasporti also offers a series of complementary services to its customers: transfer of granular products for bulk goods, handling of goods from the container to the silo, customized deliveries by weight and reception system