Cianfrocca Trasporti uses the most advanced technologies, in its warehouses and deposits, to properly manage the transport of all goods.
Transportation is a complex process that requires many steps:

  • Receipt of the goods;
  • Customs warehouse, phase in which the goods are introduced into the warehouse;
  • Storage;
  • Management of the arrival and exit of products, a phase that requires the traceability of each item, from non-palletized products to non-budgeted goods;
  • Verification of the documentation of incoming products, for correct fiscal management and loading and unloading operations;
  • Check the integrity of the products, to verify the coincidence between the order placed and the arrivals in terms of quantity, models and characteristics.

Cianfrocca Trasporti guarantees the maximum safety of its environments, thanks to a video surveillance and alarm system active 24 hours a day: the accesses to the industrial area are scrupulously controlled, thanks to the presence of private security that protects the entire company area. UNI ES ISO 9001 certification, the best known standard in the world for quality management systems, confirms the presence of the most stringent standards for hygiene and risk prevention. The great strength of Cianfrocca Trasporti is the work group: a team of dynamic, close-knit and motivated collaborators, who love challenges, growth and the achievement of new goals. The success of the company is linked to the team spirit that has been created over time, thanks to continuous work, the sharing of skills and a common and shared project.